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by Kimberlee Shipley on 04/10/12

April is the one month that I am M.A.N. creating Massive Action Now, action creates action and I have finally got my site site up and goingyou can now save PNG files, and PDF files, I can easily post You Tube videos and add new content.  So excited to get to share so much more effectively with all of you!!

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1. Shelly Hawley said on 3/5/13 - 07:43AM
Thank you for all you do! One question... Can you do the Combine & Save Spring 2013 Doc in US Dollars instead of Canada. Or is it there already and I am just missing it?
2. Kim said on 3/5/13 - 05:28PM
Yes i Will get that fixed and up on the site ASAP :) Thanks for letting me know!!
3. Kristine said on 6/16/15 - 10:44PM
I love your work!!!! There are some docs that are from previous years and the "plug-ins" are now called Nightlights. Is it possible to update those?

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